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  1. theotherwaldo


    I have come to the conclusion that the Biden administration is prosecuting a biological warfare program against the red states and areas of the country by distributing COVID-infected border-crossers in these areas and not allowing anyone from knowing who among this group is infected or where...
  2. theotherwaldo

    It Looks Like We Have a Cat.

    My sister was walking out to the front gate and heard a little "meep" coming from the wheel well of my old SUV. She reached in and found a tiny Main coon tom cat, about a month old. It was friendly and totally fearless, even in the face of our Border Jack, "Mister Peanut, Dog of Adventure", who...
  3. theotherwaldo

    Who Controls the International Borders?

    I seem to recall that the Obama/Biden administrations claim that international borders are the responsibility of the federal government and are under the control of the federal government. Oddly, these same people and organizations said that the administration of President Trump had no say...
  4. theotherwaldo

    Fauchistas Have Egg on their Faces.

    It's starting to look like Doctor Fauchi and the rest of his biowar buddies had more to do with COVID 19 than most folks had thought. When, back in 2014, our government wisely banned research into doing gain of function research on deadly diseases in facilities in the United States, the Obama...
  5. theotherwaldo

    Climate Fraud Going Into Overdrive

    I've always been skeptical of the government's declarations of man-made climate change and how some activity of man will end life-as-we-know-it. Especially since their predictions never pan out. Now NOAA is further corrupting our weather record to support new powers for the federal government...
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    Interesting Weather

    I'm sitting in my closed down library, waiting for the techs to arrive. We had a heavy thunderstorm last night with 90 mph winds and lots of lightning. Power is out over much of the area and trees and wires are down. We've got power up here, but the computers have to get re-started by IT. Since...
  7. theotherwaldo

    Who's Been Vaccinated?

    I got the first shot last month and I'll get the second one in a couple of weeks. No big deal, except the last time that my shoulder hurt like that was after I shot a Polish anti-tank rifle. Anybody else?
  8. theotherwaldo

    The Infrastructure Bill - Bigger, Longer and Uncut

    So now it's time to Build (the Swamp) Back Better. A two trillion dollar slush fund, of which ten percent is dedicated to actual infrastructure... .
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    Alternative Energy?

    Is anyone else going the alternative energy route? I've been messing around with it since the 1970s... well, actually, the 1960s. My Grandpa whittled up a little water wheel for me when I was four, back around 1961. I built my first Pelton power wheel four years later to charge car batteries so...
  10. theotherwaldo

    Nancy Pelosi v/s the Republic

    According to The Wall Street Journal, Nancy Pelosi's House has "reintroduced as H.R.1 a voting and campaign-finance bill that would grease the Democratic voting machine nationwide and restrict political opposition. They also introduced a bill to provide statehood for the District of Columbia...
  11. theotherwaldo

    Trump and the Wall

    We had an unusual visitor today down here in my little town of Alamo, Texas. Donald Trump just flew in to look at his Wall. In fact, as I was typing that I heard his helicopter go over on his way back to the airport in Harlingen. The Wall is a pretty big deal here in Alamo. I live about two...
  12. theotherwaldo

    CCP Virus Survival Gardens?

    My sister started a garden toward the end of February (it gets warm early down here on the Rio Grande - it was 101 degrees today) and we're already eating cukes, squash, peas, tomatoes and some other veggies out of it. Anyone else getting the itch to get some seeds in the ground - just in case?
  13. theotherwaldo

    Systems Break Down...

    Since this emergency began, The following has broken down: -My refrigerator, -My stove, -My microwave, -My car, -My sewage drains - flooded my garden with raw sewage - twice, -My electric service - the power pole behind my house burst into flame and burned in two, -The security system at work...