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    Derek Chauvin Trial Brings Twisted Truth and Great Harm

    I don't believe the knee on his neck killed him. I believe the weight on his ribcage is what killed him. I've experienced a knee on the back of my neck more than a few times, and it has never affected my breathing (though occasionally I'd have to see a chiropractor afterwards). The weight of a...
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    Who's Been Vaccinated?

    Not yet (though older family members all have been). I'm ready whenever the State is, but after already having Covid, I'm not in an particular hurry.
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    If You See something, Say Something

    Based on this experience you've decided that LE doesn't actually want people to report suspicious activity? I wasn't there of course and don't have all the information, but there's a big difference between approaching an individual patrol cop and calling in to give information. Though it sounds...
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    If You See something, Say Something

    Asking people to report "suspicious activity" is one way the professionals are gathering information to interpret. They're not just taking random citizens at their word and throwing people in prison based on it. Here's an example: You see a young woman get forcefully ushered into a vehicle by...
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    If You See something, Say Something

    The activity would be anything that any Tom, Dick or Harry thinks could be signs of terrorism. And those qualified to interpret it would be the professionals receiving the information. when you cast a fishing net, sometime you catch things you don't want. Same thing with information sourced...
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    If You See something, Say Something

    I suppose the alternative would be "If you see something (that may look like groundwork for terrorism or other potentially harmful criminal activity), keep it to yourself so everyone can watch it on the news later." Tips help LE head off terrorist activities, which is what I've always assumed...
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    CDC finally begins moderating pandemic guidance

    Were you trying to prove a point by only quoting part of what I said there? There are plenty of people who are calling the MSM liars. Not just calling them deceptive, or misleading, or guilty of omitting details, or being biased, or having an agenda. There are plenty of people just calling the...
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    I refuse to wear a mask

    There's a lot wrong with this statement. But I won't bother trying to explain what has alr day been explained unless you are interested.
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    makes my blood boil..........

    The failures of the past cannot be undone. Nor should they be erased from history. I do not believe any amount of money now handed to the living can make up for what happened to those long gone. But I do believe the inequalities that still echo from the past can be resolved. An investment in...
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    Time to call it quits?

    Absolutely. And for many of the laws or "incentives" we can look to history. The formation of unions, striking and strike-breakers. Public education increasing literacy and numeracy rates post civil war. Etc. Sure we've got problems. But whatever happens to be the biggest problem in the present...
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    Time to call it quits?

    But you understand the reason the government doesn't work for the people is largely because the people will not work together, right? I hear this same argument time and time again, about how the government is corrupt and shouldn't be trusted. As if giving up on the very mechanism that makes...
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    and here they strike again, the ""religion of peace"", my other favorite GO TO HELL group

    I wonder if we can expect a third mass shooting. They seem to come in threes.
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    Time to call it quits?

    Okay, but I should warn you first that my response was largely based on an inference I made. Which was that you would prefer we defund some public programs, and deregulate trade and industry. I came to that based on what roscoe was referring to as "incentives", and that you believed the best...
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    Time to call it quits?

    The problem I see with what you suggest, is it sounds like it would result in some sort of economic feudalism.
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    Time to call it quits?

    I see my error with regards to value of the currency. Inflation reduces the buying power of a dollar; deflation increases it. Thanks for correcting me.