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    Rimfire Central is being disrupted this week

    And a lot of people on the forum are complaining about it. You have to keep refreshing the page to read it.
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    Rimfire Central is being disrupted this week

    The mobile version? And which search engine? I'm using DuckDuckGo and mobile version won't work .
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    Rimfire Central is being disrupted this week

    As the title says, Rimfire Central is breaking down this week. Only way to really use them is thru the website version, not the mobile. PAFOA has been that way for awhile. Can't wait to see what it's like after inauguration day.
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    It begs the question

    Unfortunately, I don't think it's over yet. But I believe it may get more organized. The Silent Majority is finally waking up..... ....and man is it getting pissed!
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    Am I The Only One?

    The wife and I were on fb long enough to see her niece and nephew's pictures from when they were studying abroad in Ireland and Belgium (respectively). Short time we were on we got bombarded by stupid friend requests. Didn't even know some of the people. Shut that down when they were done. Cool...
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    Welcome, THR folks!

    I concur.
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    Welcome, THR folks!

    Good to see familiar names. Should be a little more interesting now due to interesting times. Heh-heh, you moderators just may end up busier here than on THR! ;)
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    Other forums you visit

    THR, Rimfire Central and PAFOA. I like to check in with the PAFOA for the Classifieds and keep up to date on PA's gun stuff. Bought some good firearms and met some cool people due to the Classifieds.
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    What does your sceen name mean?

    Kind of self explanatory. I'll change if I move.